Life Groups exist to inspire connection, growth, and service - centered around a Bible based lifestyle.  They are weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly gatherings in homes, coffee shops, barns, and restaurants throughout the greater Battle Creek area.  Let us know if we can help you find a Life Group that fits you!  Get in touch with a LG Leader (listed below) or contact Mike & Annalisa Brower at abrower@bcfirstassembly.com or by calling the church office, 269.965.5441 Monday -Thursday. We are Better Together!


East Leroy Families I Randy & Molly Fuller                                                   Monthly at 5861 1/2 Mile Rd.
email: fullertrailer@prodigy.net

BC Young Families I Ramon & Kelly Mares                                                         Bi-Monthly at 158 Lacey Ave, BC 49037                                                                  email:  mares0930@yahoo.com

BC Families I Mike & Annalisa Brower                                                                 Bi-Monthly at various host homes                                                                    email:  abrower@bcfirstassembly.com

BC Families (50+) I Gary & Tina Hammond                                                        Monthly at BC First 2 pm                                                                                      email: tina-hammond@hotmail.com

Florida Snow Birds I Manny & Linda Smith                                                         December through April                                                                                          email:mansmith43@gmail.com                                                                                     


Date Night (under 50) I Donna Amaro & Annalisa Brower
Monthly Saturdays @ various locations & times
email: damaro@bcfirstassembly.com 

Paper & Stitches I Cheryl Martin                                                                         Monthly First Tuesday @ BC First 6 - 9 pm                                                       email: cherylm89@sbcglobal.net

Single Mom's                                                                                                Quarterly @ various locations                                                                                email: abrower@bcfirstassembly.com

Saints Alive I Ron and Marilyn Gore                                                                   Monthly @ various locations                                                                                    email: rmgore@netzero.com

Food Pantry Group I Ralph Ackley                                                                       1st & 3rd Wednesday's of the month                                                                        email:  ralphthesaint49068@comcast.net

Walk Fit I Annalisa Brower                                                                                    Tuesday & Thursday @ Riverside Elementary 7:00 - 8:00 pm May - August          email: abrower@bcfirstassembly.com

BC First Men & Women Softball I Joe Harris & Kelly Mares                                  Summer League                                                                                                    email: abrower@bcfirstassembly.com

Winter Zumba - COMING SOON!


JR. & SR. High Athens I PJ & Julie Kitchens
Bi-monthly Sundays @ 375 E. Williams, Athens, 40911
email: moversnshakers31@gmail.com

BC JR High I Chris & Leslie Wiley, Jason & Amanda Smith                                 Bi-Monthly Saturdays @ 232 Cardinal, BC, 49037, 7-9 pm                                    email: Wileylr@gmail.com 

BC SR High I Mike & Anna Brower                                                                       Bi-Monthly Saturdays @77 Grand Blvd, BC 49015, 7-9 pm                                       email: abrower@bcfirstassembly.com

Young Adults (18-28, single) I Lindsey Martin                                                          Bi-Monthly Saturdays @116 Sherwood Dr., BC 49015, 7-9 pm                                  email: lindseynmartin23@gmail.com


Men’s Breakfast I Manny Smith and Gary Hammond
Weekly Monday’s @ Lux Cafe 8 am
email: mansmith43@gmail.com or garhammond01@comcast.com

The Garage I Mike Brower                                                                                  "Not a Fan" - book                                                                                                 Weekly @ 77 Grand Blvd (in the garage) 8 - 10 am                                                   email: browermike1@gmail.com

Iron Men - COMING SOON! I John Burk & Mike Brower                                      Want to accountable to a spiritual mentor?  Need a mature christian to walk along side you through life's up's and down's?  Join the journey of discipleship!   email: browermike1@gmail.com


Women Prayer Warriors I Diana Kracker                                
Weekly Tuesday @ BC First 11 am
please contact Diana or Mary Margaret before attending
email: mm76fern@aol.com

Women's Breakfast I Nancy Moran                                                                Weekly Friday @ Big Boy 8:30 am                                                                       email: mfrednanc@sbcglobal.net


Book Club for Women I Annalisa Brower
Weekly Tuesdays @ Bigby on W. Columbia 7 pm                                                     First Tuesday of the month meet with Paper & Stitches
email: bfcirstlifegroups@gmail.com

Wise & Wonderful Women AM (50+) I Marilyn Gore                                          Bi-monthly Thursdays @ BC First                                                                          email: rmgore@netzero.net

Wise & Wonderful Women PM (50+) I Marilyn Gore                                          Bi-monthly Thursday @ BC First                                                                          email: rmgore@netzero.net

Grief2Joy I Kathy Block                                                                                          Bi-monthly Monday @ BC First                                                                            email: willibloch@att.net

Sunday Morning Women I Mary-Margaret Fernandez
Weekly Sunday @ church 9:30 am in gym classroom
email: mm76fern@aol.com