Jesus Us and Culture

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Mark 9:14-29

Christ presence is loaded with purpose

--His presence brings peace. --What was once crazy becomes calm. --What was once jacked up becomes joyful. -- Inviting the presence of God into our life will always produce peace.

Insight Over Answers

-- Whenever Jesus ask a question he's not asking because he doesn't have an answer, he's asking because he wants to give insight to those around him

God Desires

--To empower you to reach the culture -- To empower you to have authority over the things that keep are keeping people bound -- God desires you to be a source of light to those around you in darkness.

Believers Are Recivers

-- Believers are receivers of blessings -- The more you believe the more you'll be blessed (not physical things) -- Believing makes what was impossible possible.

JESUS fills US with power to change the CULTURE

God has given you power to change the world around you but it can only be

accessed in prayer

-- Gods power is not over somethings but all things

Prayer points:

  1. Help me to see you daily in prayer
  2. Fill me with boldness to share the gospel with the Godless --

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