Michigan Youth Convention

This weekend Pastor Peter and Joanna, along with some awesome youth leaders, took 26 of our students to our Assembly of God Youth Convention at Mount Hope Church in Lansing MI. It was a powerful time, and many of our students were touched by God this weekend! Here are some of the testimonies of how God moved in the lives of some of our students.

Jocelyn Case (Junior at Athens High School)

I really felt the Lord telling me to take a step back from planning my future and to let Him take control. Always having a back up plan and not fully trusting God for my next steps is not what He's looking for. I need to step out onto the water and look to Him for what to do and where I should go next.

Marcus Amaro (Freshman at Lakeview High School)

God gave me answers to questions that I have been asking for a while. He also refocused my vision on what I need to accomplish and how I am to think everyday as I enter school.

Zander Hommerding (Senior at Lakeview High School )

At youth convention I really just came with an open mind, not knowing what God was really going to say. I really felt him over the course of the two services opening my eyes to those around me, and seeing how they react to the services, I've really felt Him calling me to a point of leadership and this has definitely helped me grow.

Emma Moore (Senior at Harper Creek High School)

This weekend made me fully surrender my life to be used by Him. To use what I am, what I can do, and what I want to be, and use it for a purpose greater than myself and all that I can imagine.

Noelle Fuller ( Junior at Athens High School)

I really love youth convention because there's nothing more powerful than being in a room with thousands of other believers from Michigan, experiencing God's presence, and seeing His power in that way. Seeing hundreds of teenagers my age giving their lives to Jesus Christ is one of the most amazing things I think you can witness.