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        In the beginning God created…


That’s “0:00” on the playback counter.

You can’t scroll the clip back any further from there.

You probably began this journey feeling like it started with you. Don’t worry. It’s just what it is to wake up to reality as a human and sort out the big question, “Where did I come from?”

And because we can’t scroll back our individual story any further than the first moment we opened our eyes and our brains started recording, we can often get the false idea that it all began with us. Hear me — the story didn’t start with us. We entered it, already unfolding. The beginning of our story is this story.

The beginning of your story is everyone’s story. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, smell and know... it all began in God.

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “You don’t know me, where I come from..”

While there can be a truth in that, there is a much deeper Truth than that.

The deeper truth is: no matter how unlike we feel from each other, we all began together. Our playback reel goes way, way back to the same “0:00”. Origin.

Even in the debate between ourselves of how far back that counter goes… Is it 6,000 years? Is it 10,000 years? Is it 10,000,000,000 years? Even that can’t divide us from this Truth: we all started together.

So, let that generate in you a common bond, a love, that says, “This person..however difficult they can be.. we go way back.”

By Samuel Marks --

Peter Reeves Student Ministries Pastor peter@bcfirstassembly. com 215-512-7577