From or For?

        Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

As a teenager, I remember asking myself a certain question over and over. “What does God want from me? Whats His will?”

Have you asked this too? For me, pleasing God was everything, so I was willing to do anything He commanded. Oh, but if only God would speak up! Give me my orders! Then life would be good. Or so I thought….

“Let there be..”

Not very demanding words, are they? I mean, here is God, all powerful, and yet He sets the universe into motion by gracing it with the permission to be.


He doesn’t bark, “I demand light now!” He says, “Let there be..” The Scriptures later reveal that God is Light, and He is love. So know this —— Love moves in freedom, not demand, coercion or force. And Love has always been this way, and always will be. Alpha and Omega. Beginning to the end.

So maybe the question we ought to be asking isn’t, “What does God want FROM me?” as if He’s some taskmaster, or always after your favorite toy, simply to test your loyalty.

Maybe the question we ought to be asking is, “What does God want FOR me?” because He is the author and giver of good things.

In other words: Next time you’re lost, wandering and wondering what to do... trace back to the God who began it all.

Is this thing you’re holding onto or about to bring into your life, your relationships, your heart and it what He wants FOR you?

If it isn’t, I promise it will be darkness.

But if it is, it will be glorious light.